1) “Software engineers shall act consistently with the public interest.”

2) “Software engineers should not use their technical skills to misuse other people’s computers.”Here the term misuse refers to the Unauthorized modification of computer material, Unauthorized access to computer material & Dissemination of viruses or other malware.

3) Software is set of programs, documentation & configuration of data.

4) Software dependence is not a part of software processes.

5) The fundamental notions of software engineering does not account for Software Validation.

6) Waterfall Model is not suitable for accommodating any change.

7) SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle .

8) The spiral model was originally proposed by Barry Boehm.

9) If you want to create client server application Concurrent model is best suitable.

10) Infrastructure software are covered under Generic Products.

11) Build and Fix model has 2 Phases

12) White box testing, a software testing technique is sometimes called Glass box testing.

13) Structured programming codes includes sequencing, alteration & iteration.

14) The document listing all procedures and regulations that generally govern an organization is the Organizing manual .

15) Algorithms for Software Implementation is not desired in a good Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) document.

16) COCOMO stands for constructive cost Model.

17) Defects per KLOC is the most common measure for correctness.

18) Line of code(LOC) of the product comes under Direct measures.

19) maturity levels in CMM are available of 5 numbers.

20) track potential risk & help in assessment of status of ongoing project are the task of project indicators.

21) Efficiency is not a direct measure of SE process.

22) In size oriented metrics, metrics are developed based on the number of lines of code.

23) Usability can be measured in terms of Time required to become moderately efficient in system usage, Net increase in productivity & Intellectual skill to learn the system.

24)The waterfall model of the software process considers each process activity as a separate & discrete phase.

25) Prototyping in software process may involve throw away prototyping & evolutionary.

26) In Boehm’s spiral model, each loop in the spiral represents phase of the software process.

27) Regression testing occurs when the product is tested against previous test cases. This most frequently occurs in Maintenance phase.

28) RAD uses powerful development software and small, highly trained teams of programmers.

29) Which of the following is true about E-R Diagrams?

They consist of object-relationship pairs 
It indicates cardinality of relationships 
It indicates modality of relationships

30) Planning the modular program structure & control relationships between modules is called
High Level Design, System Design, Architechtural Design. 

31)  Designers should aim to produce strongly Cohesive and weakly Coupling designs.

32) If two modules are coupled without exchange of data or control information then they exhibit Normal coupling.

33) Use of global data areas or global variables may lead to common coupling.

34) Which of the following is a graphical tool for software design? Dataflow diagram, Structure Chart, Decision Tree. 

35) Function oriented design process consists of Dataflow design, Structural decomposition Detailed Design. 

36) Transform Analysis performed on a DFD identitfies the Afferent Branch, Efferent Branch, Central Transform. 

37) Which of the following is NOT true about comments They add up to the LOC size of the software.

38) The two questions ‘Are we building the right product?’ & ‘Are we building the product right?’ correspond to validation and verification.

39) Beta testing occurs when a commerical form of the software is released to selected clients.(The final form of testing to COTS software is Beta Testing)

40) Which of the following is not a White box testing method error guessing (Statement coverage, Path coverage,Condition Coverage are white box testing method) 

41) A Test case includes Input,Expected output, information of function under test. 

42) A stub is a dummy verion of the subordinate module of the module under testing.

43) A driver is a dummy verion of the superordinate module of the module under testing.

44) stress testing exercises the system beyond its maximum design load.

45) Presenting the same tests to different versions of the system and compare outputs is called Back to Back testing.

46) Which of the following is not a part of Project Plan Software Architechture Planning. 

47) Conversion of Adjusted Function Point Count to LOC count is dependent on Programming Language.

48) In COCOMO terminology a project with software being strongly coupled to complex hardware & stringent regulations on operating procedures is categorised as Embedded.

49) Software engineering is an engineering discipline concerened with all the aspects of software production.

50) The individual or organization who wants a product to be developed is known as client.

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