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Computer has a built-in system clock that emits millions of regularly spaced electric pulses per _____ called clock cycles?
It takes one clock cycle to perform a basic operation?
The operation that does not involves clock cycles is _________?
The number of clock cycles per second is referred as ________?
CISC stands for ____________?
Which of the following processor has a fixed length of instructions?
Processor which is complex and expensive to produce is ________?
The architecture that uses a tighter coupling between the compiler and the processor is ____________?
MAR stands for ___________?
A circuitry that processes that responds to and processes the basic instructions that are required to drive a computer system is ________?
What does the control unit generate to control other units?
_________ is the branch logic that provides decision-making capabilities in the control unit?
What are encoded characters & numbers used as operands?
Any instruction initiates interrupt which are?
When does the input devices send information to the processor?
What do processors of all computers must have?
Which of the following bus structure is used to connect I/O devices?
Processor-I/O involves data transferring between?
Data register can be assigned to a?
The processor having Clock cycle of 0.25ns will have the clock rate of?
The native MIPS has the MIPS measurement of?
For two computers X and Y, if the performance of computer X is greater than the performance of computer Y, we have?
The total amount of work done during execution, in a given time is referred to as?
To increase the performance of the computer its through put is increased by?
The time between the start and the end of program execution is known as?
Which category of microprocessor instructions detect the status conditions in registers and accordingly exhibit the variations in program sequence on the basis of detected results?
The push and pop instructions belonging to the category of transfer instructions of microprocessor perform data transformation between _______?
Which control instruction is followed by an un-conditional branch instructions so as to branch to a single location from the double ones with respect to specified status-bit condition?
he address of a location of the operand is calculated by adding the contents of any of the base registers, with the contents of any of index registers in?
Eight of the register are known as?
How many bits the instruction pointer is wide?
________is the most important segment and it contains the actual assembly language instruction to be executed by the microprocessor?
The Width of a processor’s datapath is measured in bits. Which of the following are common datapaths?
The ALU of a computer normally contains a number of high speed storage element called?
In Microprocessor one of the operands holds a special register called
Which register is a temporary storage location?
_________Stores the instruction currently being executed?
Built-in set of machine code instructions of computer are called?
Two main types of branch instructions are?
When an instruction is read from the memory, it is called?
Which activity does not take place during execution cycle?
Pseudo instructions are?
Which of the following is a Pseudo instruction?
The number of instructions needed to add a numbers and store the result in memory using only one address instruction is ?
Computers use addressing mode techniques for _____________________?
_________ register keeps track of the instructions stored in program stored in memory?
The sub-routine service procedure, is similar to that of the interrupt service routine in ________?
The data structure suitable for scheduling processes is _______?
The stack frame for each sub routine is present in ______?

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