CS8691 AI MCQ QUIZ – Set1 Artificial Intelligence MCQ Quiz for Engineering

CS8691 AI MCQ QUIZ – Set1 Artificial Intelligence MCQ Quiz for Engineering

Welcome to your CS8691 AI MCQ QUIZ - Set1 Artificial Intelligence MCQ Quiz for Engineering

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Artificial Intelligence is about?

Who is known as the -Father of AI"?

Select the most appropriate situation for that a blind search can be used?

The application/applications of Artificial Intelligence is/are?

Among the given options, which search algorithm requires less memory?

If a robot is able to change its own trajectory as per the external conditions, then the robot is considered as the

Which of the given language is not commonly used for AI?

A technique that was developed to determine whether a machine could or could not demonstrate the artificial intelligence known as the?

The component of an Expert system is?

Which algorithm is used in the Game tree to make decisions of Win/Lose?

The available ways to solve a problem of state-space-search?

Among the given options, which is not the required property of Knowledge representation?

An AI agent perceives and acts upon the environment using?

Which rule is applied for the Simple reflex agent?

Which agent deals with the happy and unhappy state?

Rational agent always does the right things?

Which term describes the common-sense of the judgmental part of problem-solving?

Which AI technique enables the computers to understand the associations and relationships between objects and events?

The exploration problem is where?

In the Wumpus World Problem, the reason for the uncertainty is that the agent's sensor gives only?

The search algorithm which is similar to the minimax search, but removes the branches that don't affect the final output is known as?

The maximum depth to which the alpha-beta pruning can be applied?

Among the given options, which is also known as inference rule?

Which of the following option is used to build complex sentences in knowledge representation?

Automatic Reasoning tool is used in?

If according to the hypothesis, the result should be positive, but in fact it is negative, then it is known as?

A hybrid Bayesian Network consist?

The process of capturing the inference process as Single Inference Rule is known as?

Which process makes two different Logical expressions look identical?

Which algorithm takes two sentences as input and returns a Unifier?

The PEAS in the task environment is about?

In state-space, the set of actions for a given problem is expressed by the?

In which search problem, to find the shortest path, each city must be visited once only?

In the TSP problem of n cities, the time taken for traversing all cities, without having prior knowledge of the length of the minimum tour will be?

Web Crawler is an example of?

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